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Is your air conditioning unit making a funny noise in the middle of July? Has your heater officially kicked the bucket during a cold and snowy January? If these are some of the problems that you've been experiencing with your HVAC units and you feel like your HVAC unit needs repair, call the Oklahoma City, OK heating and air experts at KT Wellman Heat and Air! We offer full-service residential HVAC assistance, including:

  • Speedy service calls
  • AC unit & heating unit inspections
  • AC unit repairs
  • Heating unit repairs
  • Personalized solutions to your HVAC unit issue

Beat the Summer Heat

Beat the Summer Heat

Summer is quickly approaching! Are you ready for the Oklahoma Heat? You should be! Keeping an A/C unit maintained can be a hassle,which we here at KT Wellman Heat and Air understand! That's why we're dedicated to keeping cool all summer long! We will help you make sure small problems from becoming BIG problems! Beat the Heat this Summer by giving us a call at 405-600-5884 or email us at!

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