Change-Outs For the Spring

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Good Facts to Maximize Your Dollar:

  • Goodman offers a 10 year warranty on all parts and a lifetime warranty on your heat exchanger
  • Our AC system - up to 16 Seer for Higher efficiency
  • Our Furnace System - If you have a 96% efficient furnace, ONG will give you a $550 rebate

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Tired of Paying for an Uncomfortable Home?

Comprehensive HVAC services in Oklahoma City, OK

Whether your furnace isn't functioning properly or you need a new air conditioner, you'll find reliable HVAC contractors who can solve your comfort issues at KT Wellman Heat & Air, LLC. Since first opening in 1989, we've been a trusted community resource for full-service residential HVAC services.

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Thanks to our extensive residential experience, we're can offer a variety of repair, replacement, maintenance and installation solutions. We understand how frustrating HVAC issues can be and work hard to provide you with affordable services and unmatched customer care.

KT Wellman Heat & Air in Oklahoma City, OK, will come to your home and:

  • Inspect your HVAC unit thoroughly
  • Determine the best service for your unit
  • Inform you of our suggested solution

Don't live or work in an uncomfortable home; instead, turn to KT Wellman Heat & Air in Oklahoma City for quality services you'll be hard pressed to find anywhere else. Schedule an appointment with our residential HVAC contractor as soon as possible.

Never be without working heat and air

Did you walk into your home this afternoon only to realize your air conditioner went out during the day? Did you wake up freezing because your home heater stopped working? At KT Wellman Heat & Air, we understand HVAC issues can happen at any time. That's why we offer comprehensive services to all of our clients!

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A Note on R22...

The government has mandated that R22 be phased out. Because this has been the main refrigerant for residential air conditioning systems for fifty years, this decision forces units to be replaced, rather than repaired, when in need of service. The government had stopped manufacturing R22 equipment as well. This was forcing us to charge a higher price; while some were charging as high as $225 a pound. The price for of the refrigerant is lowering because of the surplus. Due to this price drop, we are now only charging $90 a pound.

There are alternative ways to unit replacement, too, if there is only a small amount of refrigerant lost. We offer a stop leak and recharging system, and we also offer alternative refrigerants 407c to replace R22. When there's a small leak, using STOP LEAK is a good way to seal the leak to stop the refrigerant from leaking and keep the cost down of the R22. We're doing our best to advise our clients on the alternatives that the customer can make to keep the costs down.