Just a note to express my sincere appreciation for a job well done by Keith and his crew during the recent installation of our HVAC system. With winter around the corner, no heat in our new house, KT Wellman Heat and Air responded quickly. Keith was very instrumental in helping me make decisions and locating the system to meet our needs and insure a professional efficient operation. It takes a total team effort and Keith and his crew were certainly up to the challenge.
The heat feels great…and just in time!
Again, thank you for your time.

Jerry West

Keith Wellman is the greatest! I’ve used his company for over 20 years at our law firm and also for my home service and repair. His response time is excellent and he has been proactive in helping control our heat and air costs. He’s been a life saver on several occasions when we’ve needed immediate service. He schedules regular maintenance to keep filters and machines in good order. He gives me information on repairs which need to be now or can be scheduled later. Our building was once an old church and we have an archaic system for one part of our building which presents its own challenges. Whether it’s new technology or an older system, Keith will provide exceptional service!

Velinda Goss

Keith was extremely knowledgeable and very nice. Everything about the experience was good. Keith took the time to explain any questions and went above an beyond to make sure everything was done correctly and on time. Keith even spent Saturday at me house finishing the job. I trusted Keith and his crew to be at my house even when I was not there. The system that was installed at my house should also save me around $1200 a year, and the zoning system that was installed was not offered by any other company. I am completely satisfied by the whole process and would highly recommend contacting K T Wellman Heat and Air for any service you might need.

Tyler M.

Thank You KT Wellman Heating and Air!

Keith Wellman came to St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church, in Del City, and talked with us about the zoning of the Heat and Air. My office is in the Parish Hall. When I started working for the Church they were paying for the whole entire building to cool. The electric bill was huge! Keith said he could zone and place my own Thermostat in my office to Heat and Cool. It is wonderful, and since then we have zoned the Meeting Room and the Nursery. Our electric bill has went down by at least half. I highly recommend this for our Church. It saves us money while keeping me cool without cooling the whole 16,000 square foot building. Thank You Keith, and K & T Wellman!

Darla Vannostran/Bralley, St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church

Awesome – awesome response time and helped to make my house cool, really cool when it was hot outside!

Patrick McAndrew

The Wellman company were true to there word, very polite and courteous. We now have a wonderful cool home. They will continue to get our business. Thank you K and T and your workers.

Judy A.

Excellent service
Keith has always been willing to get to my stores any time of the day quickly and always takes care of problem. My favorite service person of any type we have had in all our 8 years of business.

Dennis B.

Everyone that works for KT Wellman is super knowledgeable and courteous. Highly recommend KT Wellman for any and all AC/Heat need.

Tyler M.

We used Keith Wellman and his service techs for 20+ years at a medium sized law firm. Always prompt, knowledgeable and reliable service! Keith considers ways to improve efficiency and longevity of a very old heat and cooling system with which few others have experience. I have also used him for service at my home with similar great experience.

Velinda G.

What I like the most about working with Keith is he never gives up. His solution may not be the easiest or quickest, but he works with you and your budget to provide the most timely solution. And he will continue to work on the problem until it is resolved; even if it requires several visits. I appreciate his honesty and candor and humor.

Never gives up

KT Wellman arrived and got right to work and found the problem i was experienced. Filled the unit with freeon and cleaned up and the AIr has worked beyond expectation ever since! YEA and AC and Heat Team that knows what they are doing!

Rev. Patrick M.

Ive used Wellmans Heat and Air over the past few years. They are a great company and go above and beyond in working with you and your schedule and repairing /replacing your equipement. I called on a spare of a moment to schedule an appt to do a winter update on my heat system and was expecting a few days wait, BUT, Wellmans was in the Edmond area and said they could come right over and do the winter check ...Once here they went to work, checking and double checking and was very professional courteous and gave recommendations what to do and follow up. I then ask them if they could check my daughter and son in laws AC as the day before wasnt putting any cold air out and was needing service. Without hesitation, they said whats the address and within 30min were at my daughter and son in laws home checking and evaluating the AC they left a note and then, called me and told me what they found and recommendations as well as calling my son in law to tell him the problem was solved!!!...SUPER GREAT PEOPLE AND SERVICE!!! i HIGHLY recommend Wellman Heat/Air to everyone for complete Heat/Air services!!!

Ron L.

June and July was a tough month in my home. I had four different service calls for my AC. First call I made was about 9am on a Wednesday. Keith answered the call, within an hour had a guy at my house already. Seems a power surge blew out my outside unit fan motor. The tech was very polite, explaining everything he was doing. Showing me the parts that needs to be fixed. The surge caused some other damage, but the tech handled everything. He was here for over four hours, including parts run time. But only charged for two hours of labor! Plus saved more using the yelp coupon. Very happy with the first visit. Sad to say, two weeks later my AC goes out again! Called Keith again on a Friday morning, and within an hour had a second tech at my house. He figured out the unit in the attic wasn't getting correct air flow. He resealed the issue areas of the unit, then was out quickly. Very friend guy. Fast service, wasn't charged hardly anything. But two day later, still having air flow issues in the house. I called Keith on a Sunday morning, he himself came out in a couple of hours. Spending several hours going through my whole AC system. I lost count how many times he went up into that very hot attic. The whole time he was here, Keith was very friendly stopping to give me update of what he was doing. Explaining to me how unbalanced the air flow is in my house, which is barely five years old. He was able to get the system up again working. But explaining the issues, the system was freezing up. He left without charging me for the call telling me to call if the unit freezes again. Next night my AC freezes up again, Keith was expecting my call. He came over next morning going through the system again. Seems an interal issue was causing a air flow blockage. Keith was super friendly again. Going beyond to fix my AC. He did everything with a smile and didn't charge again for this fourth service call. I'm happy to say my AC is working perfect! Thank you KT Wellman-Keith and the tech guys!

Kerry S.